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Beverley Ac

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24 Hour Events

Endure Leeds 2021
Rachel 100 Miles

Endure 24 Hour
3rd Female Pair
Jan D (65 miles)
Liz D (65 miles)

Thunder Run 2016
by Jill

Thunder Run 24 Hour
Linda (90K)
Rachel A (100K)
3rd Pair

Endure 2016
by Jill

Endure 24 Hour
1st Female Pair
Liz D (65 miles)
Jan D (55 miles)

Endure 2015
by Jill

Thunder Run 2014
by Jill

Thunder Run 2014
1st Female Pair
Zoe and Sally (100K)

Thunder Run 2013
by Jill

Thunder Run Winners
1st Female Pair
Amanda (90K)
Verity (80K)

We are a ladies only running club which caters for runners of varying abilities.
The focus of the club is on enjoyment of running, improvement and motivation.
The club is friendly and welcoming. Our training is designed to enable runners of all ability to join in at their level.

We meet at the entrance to Hull Sports (Latus Training), Chanterlands Ave. HU5 4EF
Normal times are Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:15pm

Click below to find out more about how you can run with us, whether a complete beginner or experienced runner:
WHL Training

Click on the 'Other Stuff' link for more information.
Or drop us an email: westhullladies@outlook.com

Meet the Committee and Leaders

Beverley 10K 2022

Beverley 10K

South Cave Off-Road 2022

South Cave Off-Road 2022

Run for Ukraine

Run for Ukraine

Haltemprice 10K 2021

Haltemprice 10K

Raywell Off Road 2021

Raywell Off Road

South Cave 10K 2021

South Cave 10K

Speed Session Girls 2021

Speed Work Girls

Lazaats Off-Road 2021

Lazaats June 2021

WHL Big Bobble Hats

Big Bobble Hats

WHL Photos

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WHL Prize Winners

Howden 10K 2022
Sandra 1st F65

Summer League 2022

Anna Summer League 2022

Anna S Handicap 2nd overall
1st in Race 2, 4th Race 3 and 2nd Race 6 .

Suzanne 1st F65 in races 5, 6, 7

Karen P 1st F55 in races 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Laxton 10K 2022
Sandra Laxton 10K 2022
Sandra 1st FV60

Scunthorpe 10K 2022
Sandra 1st F65

Citylauf 10K (Germany) 2022
Sandra Citylauf, Germany 10K 2022
Sandra 1st FV65

Humber Bridge 10K 2022
Stacy Humber Bridge 10K 2022
Stacy 3rd Lady

Grimsby 10K 2022
Sandra Grimsby 10K 2022
Sandra 2nd F65

Champagne League Race 4 2022
Amy B Champagne League Handicap Race 4 2022
Amy 1st on Handicap

Beverley 10K 2022
Amanda Bev 10K 2022
Amanda 1st F60

Hornsea Third 2022
Amanda 1st F60

Spurn Super 7 2022
Stacy Spurn Super 7 2022
Stacy 1st Lady

Snake Lane 10 2022
Amanda Snake Lane 10 2022
Amanda 1st F60

Ferriby 10 2022
Amanda 1st F60

Cleethorpes 10K 2022
Suzanne Cleethorpes 10K 2022
Suzanne 1st F65

Haltemprice 10K 2021
Amanda 5th Lady

Beverley 10K 2021
Amanda Karen Bev 10K 2021
Amanda and Karen P 1st in Age Categories

Major Stone Half 2021
Amanda Major Stone 2021
Amanda 1st FV60

Gilberdyke 10 2021
Sandra Amanda Gilberdyke 2021
Amanda and Sandra 1st and 2nd FV60

South Cave 10K 2021
Amanda South Cave 10K 2021
Amanda and Karen P 1st in Age Categories

Gruesome Twosome 2021
Lynne & Rachel Gruesome Twosome 2021
Lynne P and Rachel W 2nd Females

Snake Lane 2020
Amanda Snake Lane 2020
Amanda 2nd FV60

Ferriby 10 Jan 2020
Karen P 1st FV50

Auld Lang Syne 2019
Amanda Auld Lang Syne 2019
Amanda 1st FV60

Wistow 10K Oct 2019
Barbara 1st FV60

HOTH Oct 2019
Amy 3rd female - 50K

Yorkshire Wildlife Park 5K 2019
Janet Yorkshire Wildlife Park 5K
Janet 1st FV60

Hedgehog Half Marathon 2019
Karen P 1st FV50 Janet W 2nd FV60

Aston Subedge Marathon 2019
Jan D Aston Subedge Marathon
Jan D 2nd FV50

Hull Marathon 2019
Karen Hull Marathon
Karen 2nd FV50

Jim Dingwall 10K 2019
Amanda Jim Dingwall 10K
Amanda 1st FV60

Champagne League 2019
Champagne League 2019
Winners: Amanda, Janet, Fay, Jan, Anna
plus Amy

Gilberdyke 10 2019
Amanda Gilberdyke 10
Amanda 1st FV60

Summer League 2019
Karen P Summer League
Karen 1st FV50 in 5 races
Amanda 1st FV60 Coniston 10K

Laxton 10K 2019
Sandra Laxton 10K
Sandra 1st FV60

Sara 1st Lady Corporate Challenge Hull Half Marathon 2019

Champagne League Race 3 2019
Rachel Champagne League
Rachel 1st Race 3 Handicap

Epworth Easter Trail 10K 2019
Linda Epworth
Linda 1st FV65

Contact Us: westhullladies@outlook.com

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