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All you need to know about getting into the London Marathon

You can get into London Marathon via the BALLOT. For "Good for Age" and "Championship" entries please check the London Marathon website for eligibility.

Anyone can enter the London Marathon via the public ballot, this opens on the same day the marathon takes place and is full within a few hours of opening.
When you enter the ballot you can choose to have your money returned if you are rejected or donate to the charity and receive a free gift.

If you wish to be considered for a club London Marathon place the following applies:

1. When you enter the London Marathon public ballot declare West Hull Ladies as your running club. At this point you must be a first claim, full club member and have been so for at least two full years. If you are unlucky, keep your rejection slip (the results come out around October). If you get the club place you will have to pay London Marathon again for the entry.

2. Your rejection slip cannot be placed into the club ballot if you have ever run the London Marathon before (whether as a club member or not). The committee reserves the right to make a judgement on the eligibility of any member putting themselves forward for the ballot.

3. Should you be lucky enough to gain a club place you must be a paid up first claim, full club member when you run the event.

Put your name into the ballot. If you are lucky, it was meant to be!

Training Advice

To avoid injury we strongly advise you follow a 16 weeks training plan. The club cannot design one for you but can makde some recommendations.

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