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All you need to know about getting into the London Marathon

You can get into London Marathon via the BALLOT, Good for Age, Championship or a CLUB place. The alternative is that you get a charity place but the charities dictate a minimum amount that you need to raise (generally starting at 1500.00).

You can apply for a Good for Age Entry

The application process for Good for Age places 2019 opens on 1 August 2018 and closes at 16:00 on 10 August 2018.
Below are the qualifying times for women. Note you must have received this time between January 2017 and 10th August 2018:

  • Age 18-39 sub 3:45
  • Age 41-44 sub 3:50
  • Age 45-49 sub 3:53
  • Age 50-54 sub 4:00
  • Age 55-59 sub 4:05
  • Age 60-64 sub 4:30
  • Age 65-69 sub 5:00
  • Age 70-75 sub 6:00
  • Age 75-79 sub 6:20
  • Age 80+ sub 6:40

    Please note: If the number of Good for Age applicants exceeds the number of places available, then the qualifying time will be reduced evenly across the age group categories listed above until 3,000 runners of that gender are accepted.

    You can also gain Championship start by running a sub 3:15 marathon or sub 1:30 half marathon Championship Entry

    Anyone can enter the London Marathon via the public ballot, this opens at the end of April Virgin London Marathon and the places go within a few hours of opening.
    When you enter the ballot you can choose to have your money returned if you are rejected or donate to the charity and receive a free gift. This is completely seperate to the club place payment.

    If you wish to be considered for a club London Marathon place next year the following applies:

    1. When you enter the London Marathon public ballot declare West Hull Ladies as your running club. At this point you must be a first claim, full club member and have been so for at least a year. If you are unlucky, keep your rejection slip (the results come out around October). The cost of a club London Marathon Place is the same as the cost of a ballot place.

    2. Your rejection slip cannot be placed into the club ballot if you have ever run the London Marathon before (whether as a club member or not)

    3. Your rejection slip can be placed into the club ballot if you are a regular participant/supporter of the club which could include one or more of the following:

    Running with the club or running in events for the club; Working on the committee and/or attending committee meetings; Organising running events for the club; Publicising the club on social media or at other events; Marshalling on behalf of the club.

    The committee reserves the right to make a judgement on the eligibility of any member putting themselves forward for the ballot where commitment is not obvious and to prioritise anyone who has never run the London Marathon previously and has failed to achieve a ballot place on at least two occasions.

    4. Should you be lucky enough to gain a club place you must be a paid up first claim, full club member when you run the event.

    Put your name into the ballot. If you are lucky, it was meant to be!

    Training Advice

    To avoid injury I strongly advise...

  • You get used to running 3 times a week now.
  • Build up to around 18 miles a week by August and to 20 miles by the end of September (3 to 4 runs a week).
  • After September run 4 times a week and build up to 25 miles each week before the start of the London Training in January.
    If you do this your joints and muscles will be well prepared for the long runs.
    Amanda x

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